A Beagle hunting frogs.
A women with long hair.
A kitten that looks surprised.
A Bull Frog.
A group of Planes.
Some purple flowers.
 A Morning Dove.
Nails buring in a fire.
A hummingbird.
A Dachshund.
A cat's face.
A ominous-looking man.
A girl laughing.
A kitten.
A boy with his dog in a river.
 A frog sitting in a hole.
A side-view of a boy.
The Clare River in Spring.
Looking Into the Soul
A Garter Snake.
Bryan looking ominous.
A Canadian solider at the CNE.
Playing some badminton.
A kick-ass sand sculpture.
Tweed at dusk.
A CNE juggler.
The 'ol Swimming Hole.
CNE fairgrounds at night.
Rexar in a boat.
Winter forest (Was in my High School Yearbook).
Looking down.
Purple flower.
Action hero.
Going for a swim.
My Mom.
Another flower.
The Circle of Life.
Rexar after a bath.
Catching frogs.
Canoe on the water.
Pike fishing.
My Dad.
A lilly flower.
Rexar on a log (My favourite shot).
My beagle Gracie.
Readying for a hike.
First time swimming.
Watery fun.
Two friends.
The Water Snake.
Reading a good book.
A Labrador Retriever
Spectators at the 2012 CNE Airshow.
On the hunt.
An Emu.
View from a car.
Autumn river.
Trials bike riding.
Rexar swimming.
At the Farm Museum.
Slithering snake.
A hot summer day.
At the Prom.
True love's kiss.
Having some fun.
Some hunting dog!
On the Rabbit Hunt.
Resting Emu.
A Wallaby.
A sleeping Artic Fox.
A happy Otter.
An Alpaca.
Bow hunting.
It's a trap!
Pablo, my mutt of a dog.
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